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Benefits of a Digital Consultant

In previous roles and projects, I've been called a ' One-man eCom Army', 'THE Digital Solutionist', and an 'eCommerce Swiss Army Knife'... All of which I'm pretty proud of. I work in a very OMNI capacity by tackling projects/issues/tasks across multiple swim lanes and skill sets to ensure the entire business benefits from any changes instead of just a single channel or team. 

By bringing me on as a consultant for your brand or as a mentor to assist and train your existing team members, you will save yourself the often costly and rarely fruitful task of employing a part-time digital / eCommerce lead with the proper skills and industry knowledge required to meet your brand's needs. Instead, I'll help you grow your business until it makes sense to bring on a dedicated full-time digital lead... I'll even help you recruit for the new role!

Deepdive Evaluations & Reviews

Below are just a few reviews and deep dives I often carry out for my clients as part of their retainer hours or as a one-off health check of their eCommerce or digital ecosystem. All will typically include a requirement gathering session with key stakeholders at the beginning, a deep dive exploratory phase, and then a feedback session complete with a proposal of recommendations tailored to your business needs.


This will focus on competitor brands and retailers selling your product or similar. The goal is to establish industry benchmarks, trends and takeaways that could benefit your product visibility and conversion protentional. This might include product assets, Info, templates, availability, promotion and service suggestions. 


Similar to the product comparison but focused primarily on how your brand presence compares to like-minded and competitor brands. This includes brand consistency across multiple channels (e.g. social, eCommerce & high-street), brand promises, and digital real-estate/visibility.


I'll gain an understanding of the critical infrastructure pain points and future aspirations. Each of your digital platforms/systems will then be reviewed, including how they integrate and the processes your teams implement while using them.  


I'll host discussion sessions with your customer-focused teams and simulate agreed user journeys on the front end of your site to establish if the experience can be improved through content, technology and additional services. I can also enlist several 3rd party tools to record and collate actual customer journey's on your site if required. 


Focusing on eCommerce's 'trading' aspects, I'll first establish your team's typical tasks, their bandwidth, skill set, and the processes they action to 'trade' your store. I'll then provide insight and suggestions into how this impacts product & asset creation, SEO, merchandising, data & brand consistency across channels and whether improvements or optimisations can be introduced.


I'll review the data available from your eCommerce, Analytics, CDP, and Marketing platforms and then create a business snapshot, identify discrepancies in data, compare your data against industry benchmarks and suggest any optimisations / quick wins which could benefit your business.

Digital Support & Troubleshooting

Below are just a few reviews and deep dives I often carry out for my clients as part of their retainer hours or as a one off health check of their eCommerce or digital ecosystem.


I'm happy to host recurring digital and eCommerce-focused training sessions, work with specific teams to introduce new functionality and best practices or help upskill critical employees before a new platform launch. 


I can help support brands with crucial digital and eCommerce decisions as and when I am needed. This might be via phone calls, in-person meetings, or by researching and comparing apps and platforms before they are selected/onboarded.


When a process, platform, app or part of your digital infrastructure has gone 'bump,' I can jump in and manage the issue, so your team can get on with what they do best! I'll always aim to understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, find a solution and implement it if required.


Should your brand requirements grow beyond what I can support as a consultant, I can introduce you to Development, Design & Digital Marketing agencies with proven track records. After the introduction, I can assist with the management of the agency or hand over the reigns completely.

Contact me if you would like to know more about digital consultancy 

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